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Pet owners all love to spoil their dogs with their favorite toys because we treat them like our other children and part of the family. We take a lot of time to pick just the right dog toy to make them engage, be active and most importantly happy. Here are some tips on selecting the best toys for our beloved pets: Be sure to pick the most appropriate size that goes with your dog. While we wouldn't get a tiny dog a large bone to nibble on, nor would we select a small toy or balls for a large breed dog. Select...

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Our furry pets --- dogs & cats, in general, spend more time sleeping --- after all, few have to worry about getting to work or paying the bills like their owners. There is a lot to be said about cozy beds for dogs and cats than they are o people. While most people sleep on mattresses and box springs, the choices aren't so simple for our pets. In fact, pet beds include options similar to those offered for people. When it comes to pet beds, though, choices that mimic human beds are only the beginning.  How do you choose the...

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