Soft Claw Caps Paw Covers for Cats 20 Pieces

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Item Description:



·    Materialnatural vinyl resin



·    Size:  for 2.5-5.0kg pet



·    Colorpink, red, brown, gray, blue



·    Item TypePet nail cover



·    Quantity20pcs



·    Weight80g



·    BrandComzendle






·    Protect the soil and the atmosphere at home: the sheath material is soft and antibacterial green resin, to prevent scratching of furniture



·     Protect pet owners: You no longer have to worry about playing with the dogs and cats that will not harm clothing



·    Barber of pets: dogs and makes cats dynamic edge, fashionable and cute



·     Protection of pet disease: injury treatment can protect dogs and cats are not broken after the claws scratching the wound



·     Covers the nail: the use of antimicrobial green soft resin, completely non-toxic to pets



Package Included:



·    20 x Pet nail cover