Pet Interactive Fetch Training Ball Reward Machine (Ball Included) –

Pet Interactive Fetch Training Ball Reward Machine (Ball Included)

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The Pet Interactive Fetch Training Machine is a perfect way to teach your pup to fetch. Your pet will be entertained for hours fetching for treats. With precise design, this toy will stimulate your pet to play even when you are not available to play. Just fill the Fetch and Treat with dry food or treats and see how much fun your dog will have fetching the ball back to the toy to get his reward!

- Color: Light green.
- size approximately 7.9in x 8.7in x 9.4in (L x W x H).                                                  - Fantastic new dog toy will occupy dogs left alone whilst you work.
- No batteries or power needed.
- The perfect companion to your four-leg friend.

Customer Reviews

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Fetch & treats = Fun & food

I have a German Shepherd who LOVES to play fetch and who loves treats. She’s found lots of “creative” places around the house to drop her tennis ball. So, this toy took her mischievous, curiosity into a better direction and she gets a treat. I tapped the ball to her nose and had her watch me drop it into the machine. Then she saw the treat. With practice as well as directing her where and when to drop the ball into the machine - she started to connect her action with getting the reward. It’s best to use kibble or training size treats as the machine has a specific size release tube. Also supervise your dog with this toy. A few times while we played my girl wanted to skip the ball step and go right to the treat fill door located on top.